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Getting Ready to PCS?

Military Installations


On and Off Post Housing

On-Post Housing

First, go to Housing Service Office: Located in the Welcome Center (Bldg. 4700). Contact the installation HSO prior to renting, buying, or leasing off post. This is a necessary step to protect you from doing business with an agency that may be off limits, or is one with accumulated complaints on file. +1 (580)442-5190, +1 (580)442-3778 or +1 (580)442-2813

Corvias Military Living On-Post Housing: Fort Sill's on-post family housing is currently operated by Corvias Military Housing. They can be reached at +1 (580)581-2144 or

Area Housing


Do you have children?

The following link will provide useful resources you may need.

CYS Services

Employment Readiness Program

Employment Readiness Program (ERP)

The Army Community Service Family Member Employment Readiness Program provides information and referral services in the areas of employment, education, training, transition, and volunteer opportunities to give the client the competitive edge needed to secure employment.

We provide current information and supportive services to minimize the employment problems associated with relocation.

The Employment Readiness Program, a service offered to you by Army Community Service (ACS) at Fort Sill, Oklahoma! It offers an excellent program that provides you with the latest information on employment, education, training, transition, and volunteer opportunities.

Military transitions are always a challenge. To help you thrive with success through these changes, the Employment Readiness program gives you the tools and resources to be competitive while you are stationed at Fort Sill, Oklahoma.

Prior to relocating, prepare and hand carry:

  • Your credentials and ensure that you have up-to-date records of employers’ address, title, etc
  • Transcripts
  • Certifications (if you have hold a professional certification, call ahead to find out that the procedure is for transferring your certification to the new location.
  • Update your resume.
  • Contact Past Employers for Recommendations.
  • Call the Employment Readiness at the new duty station.
  • Make contacts at the new duty station.
  • If a family member is looking for employment but does not have a Social Security Number, obtain one before you leave your present location. For information, call the Social Security Administration which is usually listed in the white pages on the telephone directory under” Social Security.” 
  • Budget for unemployment
  • A list of income and monthly expenses (home mortgage or rent, life insurance payments, food, transportation, etc) should be developed for the first six months after you move. Do not forget to include relocation expenses.
  • If you are a current Civil Service employee, consult your servicing CPAC office with questions about Military Spouse Preference opportunities, forms that should be hand carried, and the possibility of taking extended leave without pay.
  • If employment will require background security investigation, maintain a current listing of previous residences and dates to facilitate completion of any requirements.

Collect and hand carry the following with you to your new duty assignment:

  • School transcripts.
  • Updated resume.
  • Name, addresses, and telephone number of three references.
  • These should not be your immediate supervisor.
  • Professional Certifications.
  • Special awards or honors.
  • Letters of recommendations/appreciation from current employer.
  • Volunteer career portfolio.


After relocation:

  • Contact the Employment Readiness Office
  • Survey Employment opportunities
  • Prepare Resume
  • Schedule Job interviews

If you desire personal assistance, plan to see the Employment Readiness Program at your installation 3 months prior to relocation and during the first three months following your arrival at the new duty station.


Local Employment

Federal Employment:


Various Other Type of Employment:

Various Contractors on Post:

Youth Employment:






Career Search Engines:


​​​​​​​Disclaimer: These links do not constitute endorsement by the U.S. Army or Fort Sill Army Community Service. The DOD, U.S. Army, and ACS are in no way responsible for any fees or costs you may incur by visiting or patronizing these sites.


Relocation Information

Fort Sill Welcome Packet

Start Right "Soldier-In-Processing" 

The schedule or process of Start Right "Soldier In-Processing"  orientation will be provided to you upon check-in to the installation.   Please contact the Relocation Program at +1 (580) 442-4916 for more information.

Relocation Assistance

Telephone Numbers:

  • Post Operator, +1 (580)442-8111, DSN (312)639-8111
  • Fire, Police, Ambulance, 911
  • American Red Cross and the Armed Forces Emergency Service Center, +1 (580)442-2426


Fort Sill Housing

Area Housing

Entertainment and Travel

Child Care


Local Employment

Important Links



Moving to Fort Sill?

Fort Sill Welcome Packet

Pre-Arrival Support

  • Attention all PCSing personnel: After completion of your LEVY Section briefing, please visit your local Army Community Service (ACS) Center to receive assistance in preparation for your relocation. Also check out on Fort Sill on Military Installations website
  • Sponsorship Program: The Relocation Readiness team, Army Community Service (ACS), offers support to personnel who are responsible for the unit’s sponsorship program, and for personnel who will provide sponsorship services to newcomers. The training is offered online at The eSponsorship Application and Training (eSAT) is only 30 minutes and will teach about the tools and resources to help you sponsor a newcomer's move. 
  • Youth Sponsorship: The Child and Youth Services (CYS) School Liaison and the Relocation Readiness Program (RRP) assist our school-age children in obtaining teen sponsorship. Relocation does not have to be hard on kids, and the sponsorship program is designed to ease the transition.



Fort Sill Web Page
Installation-wide activities, information, maps, and important links are found on this web page. This is the official Fort Sill web page.


Welcome Packets
Fort Sill Welcome Packets are available for incoming Soldiers and Families at the Welcome Center (Bldg. 4700). Welcome packets will be mailed upon request to individuals prior to arrival at Fort Sill. You can also customize your own welcome packet by visiting website.

For a Welcome packet and/or questions please e-mail our office.


Arrival Support

190-1, 10 June 2009, civilian employees working on Fort Sill; retirees who frequent Fort Sill for weapons-related purposes; and Military personnel assigned or attached to Fort Sill (who reside on post), will register their privately owned firearms (to include antiques, collectibles, bows, knives (with more than a 3-inch blade), ceremonial firearms and operational war trophies) on the installation within one working day of the soldier or the firearm(s) arriving at Fort Sill. If a soldier does not yet have a unit assigned, the weapon can be registered without the Commander’s Signature.  If a soldier lives off-post, then he/she needs to seek his/her Commander’s directive as to whether they are/are not required to register his/her weapons on Fort Sill.

  • Motorcycles: Must attend the Basic Rider Course prior to riding any motorcycle. Go online to using your CAC  card to sign up for the following classes or call +1 (580)442-4215 for more information. Required documents: ID Card, Driver's License (with motorcycle endorsement), Defense Driver's Course Card (can be obtained at the Post Safety Office if you don't already have one). Motorcycle Registration (State), and Proof of Insurance. Classes include: 


    • Remedial/Drivers Improvement Training
    • Intermediate Driver's Training
    • Basic Motorcycle Course
    • BRC2 (ERC) Course
    • Military Sports Bike Rider Course
    • ATV Training Course


  • Children Safety/Seat Belts: Use of child restraint seat and seat belts are the law in the state of Oklahoma and Fort Sill.
  • Cellular Phones: Use of cell phones while driving on the installation is prohibited unless you have an accessory for hands-free usage.
  • Off-limits areas: Wooded areas, firing ranges, impact areas, and bodies of water are off-limits, except for units or personnel with proper authorizations.
  • Accidents: Report all traffic accidents to the Military Police (MP) station at Bldg. 1649 or by phone +1 (580)442-2102.




  • Housing Service Office: Located in the Welcome Center (Bldg. 4700). Contact the installation HSO prior to renting, buying, or leasing off-post. This is a necessary step to protect you from doing business with an agency that may be off limits or is one with accumulated complaints on file. +1 (580)442-5190+1 (580)442-3778 or +1 (580)442-2813
  • Corvias Military Living On-Post Housing: Fort Sill's on-post family housing is currently operated by Corvias Military Housing.  They can be reached at 580-581-2144 or
  • Lending ClosetNo Contact lending closet curbside pick-up, daily by appointment. While waiting for your household goods to arrive, basic household items are available for loan (no cost) for up to 30 days! Items are for incoming and outgoing Service Members, Families, and DoD Civilians. We have small electrical appliances, kitchen utensils, cookware, tableware, children's items, sleeping folding mats, folding tables and chairs, and much more. We are located in Bldg. 4700 on the 1st floor within ACS. Closed on Holidays and Saturdays/Sundays. Please bring your military ID card and a copy of your PCS orders. Contact phone number is +1 (580) 442-4916.
  • Newcomers' Orientation: Fort Sill's Newcomer's Orientation "Start Right" is required for all active duty Soldiers. The schedule or process for Start Right "Soldier In-Processing" orientation will be provided to you upon check-in to the installation.  Please contact the Relocation Program at +1 (580) 442-4916 for more information.
  • Reentry Briefing: If you are returning from an Overseas assignment, you will be made aware of the different symptoms associated with reverse culture shock. You will also learn how to identify the symptoms and how to take care of yourself and your family while going through this difficult stage. The reentry session is offered during the newcomers’ orientation.
  • Immigration/Naturalization Information and Assistance: Soldiers wanting information or assistance regarding citizenship, immigration/naturalization should contact Legal Assistance at +1 (580)442-5058. These services are offered free on-post. An Immigration Law and Issues class is offered quarterly. English as a Second Language (ESL) is offered in the local community. For more information, call +1 (580)442-2360.
  • Home Alone Policy: If you have children, be aware of the Fort Sill’s Home Alone regulation. The age of your child determines if she/he can be left home alone and for how long. You may stop by ACS to obtain material on this policy or access USAFACFS Regulation 210-12 for details.
  • NOTE: Fort Sill and the US Army do not imply endorsement of any of the off-post or non-military agencies listed.

Reporting to Fort Sill: 

Permanently Assigned to Fort Sill: Report to the Personnel Processing Branch or Welcome Center, Building 4700, Mow-Way Road, Monday - Friday, from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

After duty hours and weekends, all Soldiers report to the east entrance of Building, 4700 Mow-Way Road, +1 (580)442-3217. If you are unaccompanied SGT (E5) or below a temporary room will be provided for you. Soldiers accompanied by dependent family members, or SSG (E6) or above must check with lodging building 5676 (Ferguson Street).

  • Basic Training: Report to 95th AG Battalion, (Reception Station) building 2855 on Craig Road
  • Advanced Individual Training (AIT): Report to Bldg. 6007 or Bldg. 6018


Marine Inbound Personnel:

Upon arrival at Fort Sill, report to the Marine Corps Artillery Detachment, Building #759, 759 McNair Avenue for administrative processing. The telephone numbers are +1 (580)442-3979 or +1 (580)442-6199. The Staff Duty extension is DSN (312)639-5615. Inbound Officers should contact the Detachment Executive Officer, +1 (580)442-6498, as your PCS date nears so we know when to expect you. For more information check out the Fort Sill Marine Corps Detachment homepage at

Contact your Relocation Readiness Program office for assistance in any of the topics mentioned here, or any other issue you may encounter when planning your relocation. 



Pre-Departure Support

  • Overseas-bound orientations: Mandatory for Soldier going to overseas locations including Hawaii, Europe, Japan, Korea, Alaska and Middle East locations. Whenever only one or two individuals are PCSing to a specific location, deck side orientation is offered. Although the orientation is mandatory for Soldiers, spouses are strongly encouraged to attend.           
  • Military Installations : Visit this website to find useful information on your gaining installation and nearest military resources to your new location. You will have the ability to create a customized information packet for your next duty location.
  • Plan My Move: Plan My Move creates a custom checklist for your move, filled with information about the tasks you need to complete and how to complete them. Your checklist is tailored to the unique needs that you or your family have.
  • Lending ClosetNo Contact lending closet curbside pick-up, daily by appointment. While waiting for your household goods to arrive, basic household items are available for loan (no cost) for up to 30 days! Items are for incoming and outgoing Service Members, Families, and DoD Civilians. We have small electrical appliances, kitchen utensils, cookware, tableware, children's items, sleeping folding mats, folding tables and chairs, and much more. We are located in Bldg. 4700 on the 1st floor within ACS. Closed on Holidays and Saturdays/Sundays. Please bring your military ID card and a copy of your PCS orders. Contact phone number is +1 (580) 442-4916.                                     
  • Relocation Financial Planning Class: Offered by ACS, Financial Readiness Program. This briefing is mandatory for E1 – E4 service members.
  • Sponsorship Program: All PCSing Soldiers are offered the opportunity to request a sponsor from the gaining installation. A sponsor request, DA Form 5434 should be filled out and presented to your unit.
Lending Closet Info

No Contact lending closet curbside pick-up, daily by appointment.

While waiting for your household goods to arrive, basic household items are available for loan (No Cost) for up to 30 days!

Moving is a part of life for Soldiers and their Families. When transitioning to a new location, Army Community Service (ACS), Relocation Readiness Program has several resources to keep the total Army Family ready and resilient. One of those services is the ACS Lending Closet. The Lending Closet provides basic housekeeping items for temporary loan to incoming and outing going Families. Items include:

  • hospitality kits (dishes, pots/pans, silverware, glasses)
  • coffee makers
  • crock pots
  • toasters
  • irons/ironing boards
  • mattress
  • cots
  • folding tables/chairs
  • vacuum cleaners
  • portable baby cribs
  • high chairs

We are located in Bldg. 4700 on the 1st floor within ACS. Closed on Holidays and Saturdays/Sundays. Please bring your military ID card and copy of your PCS orders. Contact phone number is +1 (580)442-4916 or +1 (580)442-3095.

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Useful Websites

Oklahoma's Official Website:

Oklahoma Tourism:

Oklahoma Tourism Facebook:

Oklahoma City Hotels, Restaurants, Events & Things to Do:

Discover Oklahoma TV:

City of Lawton:

Lawton Chamber of Commerce:

Lawton/Fort Sill City Tour:

Fort Sill Weather:

Lawton Weather:

Fort Sill MTB Club:

Area Attractions

As one of Oklahoma’s largest Metropolitan areas, Lawton-Fort Sill serves as a prominent shopping, medical, recreational, educational and religious center for the region. Located in the heart of southwest Oklahoma, Lawton-Fort Sill is a great place to experience the influence of Native Americans, pioneers and military heroes.  Explore nature’s beauty in over 22,000 acres of wildlife habitat at the Wichita Mountains Wildlife refuge or fish and boat on one of the many area lakes.

Lawton-Fort Sill is only 90 miles from Oklahoma City, where you’ll find a diverse area of urban culture in old-fashioned neighborhoods like the Plaza District and Bricktown. If you love sports, Oklahoma City boasts a professional basketball team (Oklahoma City Thunder), a Triple-A baseball team (Oklahoma City Redhawks) and a hockey team (Oklahoma City Blazers).

Dallas/Fort Worth is a 3-hour drive. Watch the 2011 NBA National Champion Mavericks, 2010 American League Champion Texas Rangers or the NFL Dallas Cowboys.  Both cities offer numerous shopping, arts, and sight-seeing opportunities.

Whether you are a history buff, sports fanatic or something in between, Lawton-Fort Sill, and the surrounding areas, has something for you.

Things to do at Fort Sill, in Lawton and nearby:


Fort Sill National Historic Landmark and Museums - 435 Quanah Rd, Fort Sill, OK 73505
Visitors can walk the grounds of this historic frontier army post and feel the atmosphere from the past while enjoying programs presented by the museum throughout the year. Exhibit facilities are open to the public including the Interpretive Center, a cavalry barracks furnished to 1875, the 1872 guardhouse, the Warrior's Journey Native American gallery, and several others. It also houses one of the largest collections in the US Army Museum system with over 230,000 3-dimensional objects and archival materials. For more information visit or call +1 (580)442-5123.

Museum of the Great Plains - 601 NW Ferris Ave, Lawton, OK 73501
The Museum features special collections and exhibits which spotlight the cultural and natural history of the Great Plains. The Red River Trading Post is a replica of the trading posts which existed in the region in the 1830s and 1840s that feature a fortified log stockade and two-story trader's cabin. The Red River Trading Post hosts a Spring Encampment in May and Fall Encampment in November. For more information visit or call +1 (580)581-3460.

Comanche National Museum and Cultural Center - 701 NW Ferris Ave, Lawton, OK 73505
The museum, an entity of the Great Comanche Nation, offers visitors a glimpse of traditional cultural objects and detailed historical information about the largest American Indian tribe in southwest Oklahoma. Located inside Elmer Thomas Park, the museum tells the story of the Comanche people through informative panels, interactive displays, and historical artifacts. For more information visit or call +1 (580)353-0404.

Historic Mattie Beal Home - 1006 SW 5th St, (5th & Summit Ave) Lawton, OK 73501
The Historic Mattie Beal Home, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, is a 14 room Greek Revival style mansion constructed in 1909. In the land lottery of 1901, in which the federal government opened southwest Oklahoma for settlement, the second name drawn was Mattie Beal. This determined young woman from Wichita Kansas chose her 160-acre allotment south of the Lawton townsite. Instant fame was hers and she received hundreds of marriage proposals but it was the local lumberyard owner Charles Payne who stole her heart; they married in 1902. The home is restored to the way Mattie Beal remodeled it in 1923 and was listed on the National Register of Historic Places. For more information visit or call +1 (580)678-3156.


Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge & Mount Scott
White, rugged and weathered, the Wichita Mountains offers visitors the opportunity to visit one of oldest mountain ranges in North America. Over 22,000 acres are open for hiking and general wildlife observation. The lakes, streams, canyons, mountains, and grasslands are ideal for hiking, fishing, wildlife viewing, photography and other permitted outdoor activities.

Mount Scott is one of Oklahoma’s most prominent peaks, rising 2500 feet above the plains.  Located on the eastern edge of the wildlife refuge, it is a legendary site that boasts tales of ancient spirits, Spanish gold, and buried outlaw loot. A 3.5-mile paved road leads to the summit and breathtaking views of southwest Oklahoma.  For more information visit

Holy City262 Holy City Rd, Cache, OK 73527
Any trip to the refuge should include a visit to the Holy City of the Wichitas. The first buildings were built as a Works Progress Administration (WPA) project in the 1930s, with completion by 1936. The Holy City sits in the middle of the wildlife refuge and features 22 native granite buildings. A natural amphitheater is a setting for the nation’s longest running Easter Passion Play, “The Prince of Peace.” For more information visit or call +1 (580)429-3361.

Medicine Park
Medicine Park is a cobblestone community located near the main entrance to the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge. The town was founded in 1908 as Oklahoma’s first planned tourism resort. The town boasts close to 50 businesses including a tavern and winery, gift shops, restaurants, and cabins.

Lake Elmer Thomas Recreation Area (LETRA) - 7463 Deer Creek Canyon Rd, Fort Sill, OK 73503
LETRA is Fort Sill’s premier recreation destination meeting your recreation and lodging needs with close proximity to the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge, Medicine Park, and Fort Sill. LETRA is located at the base of Mt. Scott on a 360 acre, no-wake lake with year-round camping availability, fishing, fishing boat rentals, biking, and hiking.  Summer Season activities include a lifeguarded beach swimming area, double flume waterslide and paddle boat, kayak and canoe rentals. For more information visit the LETRA webpage or call +1 (580)442-5858.

Arts for All FestivalShepler Park, W Gore Blvd., Lawton, OK 73501 (between SW 4th St & SW 5th St)
The Arts for All Festival will be held in May. Arts For All is an organization of major arts groups in Lawton that was formed in 1977 to collectively foster and fund the arts in the community. Arts For All member groups provide the volunteers needed to present major events such as the Arts of All Festival and the Arts For All Gala. For more information visit

Lawton Rangers Rodeo – L.O. Ranch, 2004 SE 60th St, Lawton, OK 73501
The Lawton Rangers PRCA Rodeo is one of the top 50 rodeos in the U.S. Over 400 of the most skilled cowboys and cowgirls in the country will compete in tie-down roping, team roping, steer wrestling, bareback bronc riding, saddle bronc riding, bull riding, and barrel racing. Grab your cowboy hat and head out to the Lawton Rangers PRCA Rodeo each night to watch edge-of-your-seat rodeo action, as well as live entertainment. Admire the well-groomed horses, the high-spirited bulls and the participants who will showcase their abilities. For more information on upcoming events in Lawton and the surrounding area visit

Lawton Speedway3501 S. Sheridan Rd., Lawton, OK 73501
Experience exciting sprint, limited modified, mini stock, and USRA modified races at the Lawton Speedway on Saturdays from April through October. For more information visit or call +1 (580)355-6417.

Free Batting Cages +1 (580)442-2526 on Fort Sill - MG Dinges Sports Complex (South of the Sheridan Road Shoppette)
Softball players can practice hitting balls from slow pitch or fast pitch machines. The batting cages are free to use. For more information, call the sports office at +1 (580)442-2526 or +1 (580)442-2489.

National Bike Challenge

The National Bike Challenge is a nationwide event running from May 1 through September 30 which unites thousands of new and existing bicyclists across the country in friendly competition designed to celebrate and encourage bicycling.  Registered individuals and social teams compete for free throughout the challenge for top spots on the National Bike Challenge leaderboards. There are also 2 workplace challenges in May and September where businesses can compete for top spots on the business and industry leaderboards.
Interested individuals can register at or through one of the following apps: Strava, Ride Report, MapMyRide, Endomondo or The Love to Ride app.

Lawton-Fort Sill Bicycle Map and Safety Tips



Comanche County Fairgrounds; Great Plains Coliseum - 920 S Sheridan Rd., Lawton, OK 73505
See all the events the Coliseum has to offer from consumer trade shows, crafts shows, auctions, concerts, livestock shows, rodeos, fights, basketball, fairs, festivals and more. Check out upcoming events by visiting or call +1 (580)357-1483.

Stephens County Fairgrounds2002 South 13th St., Duncan, OK 73533
Check out fun events like Rodeos, Barrel Racing, Livestock Events, Circus, 4H Activities, Quilt Shows, Fish & Tackle Shows, Gun Shows, Stephens County Free Fair and more. Visit or call +1 (580)255-2980 for more information.

Lawton Community Theatre - 1316 NW Bell Ave, Lawton, OK 73507
Enjoy upcoming performances, plays, or even audition for one at your local Lawton Community Theatre. With their mission “To promote live theatre and enrich the quality of life in southwest Oklahoma by entertaining, enlightening, and celebrating the human spirit“ you are sure to have a great time with friends, a night out on the town with that special someone or the whole family. Visit for more information and tickets or call the box office at +1 (580)355-1600.

Leslie Powell Gallery620 SW D Ave., Lawton, OK 73501
The Leslie Powell Gallery hosts 6 art shows a year, each running two months. The shows feature both regional and national artists. In addition to the art shows, the Gallery also hosts Lunch Bag Lectures, concerts, poetry readings, and book readings. For more information visit, or call +1 (580)357-9526.

Cameron University Aggies Sporting Events
Support your local Cameron Aggies Baseball & Softball teams this Spring. Games are free for active duty military and their family members. For more information on ticket prices and schedules of upcoming games visit

Movie Theatres

Sheridan Road Theatre3260 Koehler Loop, Fort Sill, OK 73503. Call +1 (580)353-5623 for show times.

IMAX Theatre - Patriot 13 2803 NW 67th St., Lawton, OK 73505
For more information visit or call +1 (580)956-8073.

AMC Lawton 12 - (inside Central Mall) 200 SW C Ave., Lawton, OK 73501
For more information visit and select Lawton under “Locations” or call +1 (580)353-8822.

Carmike Cinema 87102 NW Cache Rd, Lawton, OK 73505
For more information visit and search for Lawton, OK or call +1 (580)536-7407.

Vaska Theatre1902 NW Ferris Ave, Lawton, OK 73507
Vaska is the last of Lawton's original movie theatres offering a family environment at affordable prices. For show times visit or call +1 (580)353-5000.


Religious Services and Chapels


Please click to visit the Fort Sill Religious Support Office webpage or scan the QR code.

Sill-RSO-QR Code.jpg




Do you have any questions?

We will answer them or get you in contact with the experts who can! Just call us at +1 (580)442-4916 on Mon - Fri from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.