2020 Military Long Drive Qualifier

Date: Apr 20 2020, 4:30 p.m.

Fort Sill Golf Course - 1270 Quinette Rd. Fort Sill 73503 Google Map

Think you hit far? Get ready to prove it.

Enter the 2020 Military Long Drive Qualifier for a chance to win a $400 Pro Shop Gift Certificate and an all-expense-paid trip to the Military Long Drive Competition Championship televised by the World Long Drive. 

The Military Long Drive Competition is open to all Active Duty, Retired, Reserve and Coast/National Guard members, as well as all Military Service Veterans at least 18 years old with valid identification. 2nd and 3rd place prizes will be awarded to event participants.  


• 1st Place: $400 Pro Shop gift certificate + trip to Championship at Fort Jackson
• 2nd Place: $250 Golf Pro Shop Gift Certificate
• 3rd Place: $150 Golf Pro Shop Gift Certificate

Grand Prize:

  • The contestant who hits the longest qualified drive during the MLDC in Fort Jackson, SC will win $10,000 cash and be granted exemption into the Volvik World Long Drive Championship.

- Active Duty participants that compete in qualifying and championship events
must do so on their personal time.

- The $25 entry fee purchases one attempt of eight drives. Participants may
purchase additional attempts until the Garrison closes the event.
- Each entrant will complete the eight drives back-to-back.
- Participants will use only USGA-approved drivers (maximum 48 inches long)
during the event.
- All drives coming to rest within the grid will be recorded on the scoresheet. Drives
exiting the grid will be graded at zero yardage.
- The longest drive recorded for the day is the winner of the qualifying round. A
three-attempt tiebreaker will determine the winner in case of a tie.
- Active Duty participants must take regular leave to attend the championship
event at Fort Jackson.

For more information, call Fort Sill Golf Course Pro Shop at +1 (580)442-5441




Entry fee is $25 which purchases the contestant one attempt of eight drives.  Participants may purchase additional attempts until the event closes the event.