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Mobilization & Deployment/FRG Training

Fort Sill Army Community Service (ACS) believes that Soldier Readiness plus Family Readiness equals Unit/Mission Readiness.  


ACS provides information and tools in support of unit FRGs, unit Deployments & Redeployments and Emergency Family Assistance.

  • Visit ACS in Building 4700 to get information about resources/materials and agencies that can assist you with your FRG endeavors.                           
  • Sign up for our FRG distro list by email for information about upcoming Soldier and Family/Community events in order to ensure Soldiers and Families are aware of the available resources, activities, and opportunities in the surrounding area. 
  • Click on the “FRG Getting Started” information sheet and other helpful links on this page.  You will find helpful forms and tools to assist you and your unit in getting your unit FRG off the ground and running smoothly (including deployment support).

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Deployment Support for Soldier/Family Readiness

FRG Training is provided via online training for Commanders, Family Readiness Liaisons (Soldier), and Family Readiness Group Leaders and officeholders (civilian volunteers).

  • Access via  (updated training for civilians)
  • Access via (older version of the training)
  • ALMS (for Soldiers/CAC holders)  Codes: FRGCTT and FRGCTRT (refresher) and FRGVT or FRGVRT (for civilian CAC holder office holders)


 Deployment Support is provided via multiple delivery systems:

  • ACS’s Family Advocacy Program conducts many skill-based trainings such as True Colors, Scream Free Marriage/Parenting, Stress Management, 7 Habits of Highly Effective Military Families, and more.
  • Chaplains provide multiple trainings/opportunities on marriage enrichment workshops, communications classes, and other relationship-building opportunities and deployment specific trainings and briefings.
  • MFLC’s are available in each FORSCOM Brigade and within ACS to provide a multitude of briefings to assist you in meeting the Deployment Cycle Support requirements of your deploying or redeploying unit Soldiers, Families/Children.
  • The American Red Cross offers courses on deployment and redeployment expectations and readiness.  
  • Military One Source at  provides a helpful tool called “Plan My Deployment” that includes articles, webinars, checklists, FREE deployment books/materials for Children/Spouses, and more.  They also have a resource request function where they can be invited and attend a Townhall/Expo event you may be planning. Additionally, Military One Source has individualized counseling assistance, either on the phone or in-person in the local community, by calling their toll free line.
  •  On this page, you will find forms and tools to assist you and your unit during deployment including “How to Plan a Townhall/Expo”, a resource phone number listing, Deployment checklists, and more.


How to Plan an Expo/Townhall

Plan My Deployment

Military One Source Ordering

Pre-Deployment Readiness Packet (SRP)


Family Readiness Group Information and Training (FRG)

Getting Started

FRG Handbook

Army FRG Website

Army Family Web Portal Online Learning (FRG Group Training Course)

FRG Fundraising Form (FS 608) MS Word Doc

FRG Fundraising Form (FS 608) Adobe Fillable PDF

FRG Fundraising Form (FS 608-2) PDF

FRG Fundraising Fast Facts

Raffle Guidelines

FS 363a Family Assistance Information Sheet

FRG Inspection Form

Official Communications in Support of Family Readiness Memo

Rapid Response Resolution Matrix

Statement of Non Participation or Waiver of Communication


Click the image below to download the REAL Smart Book.


FRG Resources

Army Disaster Personnel Accountability and Assessment  System (ADPAAS) Poster

Army Disaster Personnel Accountability and Assessment  System (ADPAAS) Brochure

Military Family Life Counselors (MFLC)


Need To Talk To Someone?

Military and Family Life Counselors (MFLC) provide solution-oriented consultations to individuals, couples, families, and groups. 

The Military and Family Life Counselor (MFLC) Program is designed to provide support and assistance to active duty Soldiers, National Guard & Reserves, military Family Members and Soldiers' significant others. Military and Family Life Counselors can help people who are having trouble coping with concerns and issues of daily life, the stress of the military lifestyle, parenting, etc. Also, units can select topics from the briefing/presentation library for training Soldiers/Families at unit meetings. 

Some Examples of Issues Include:

  • Adjustment/Transition
  • Stress
  • Marital/couples
  • Anxiety/Sadness
  • Deployment Cycle Issues
  • Communication
  • Anger
  • Work
  • Parenting
  • Grief/loss

MFLC Solutions:

  • Flexible appointment times
  • Flexible meeting locations
  • *Confidential
  • No Records Kept
  • FREE

*Duty to warn does apply in cases of threat to self, others, and any reportable abuse issues.

Building 4700, ACS Area, +1 (580)574-7362, +1 (580)574-7363, +1 (580)574-7364, +1 (580)215-2395 or +1(580)699-4759