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Recycle Center

Bins available 24/7, including all holidays.

We accept:

  • Aluminum and Steel Cans
  • Corrugated Cardboard
  • Detergent Bottles
  • Magazines
  • Office Waste Paper
  • Old Newspapers
  • Plastic Milk Jugs
  • Shredded Paper
  • Soda Bottles 


Recycling helps not only our environment but also generates income for the installation and units.




Cash For Trash (CFT - Sustainability Partnership)

Fort Sill Recycle has an incentive-based program designed to encourage recycling called ‘Cash for Trash’ (CFT). The CFT Sustainability Partnership program supplements the unit funds with monetary credits awarded for recyclables turned in to the Recycle Center. For those who do not receive unit funds, such as Directorates, Contractors, FRG’s, non-permanent party Active Duty Units, Separate Units, Reserve Units and/or Tenant Organizations, can receive credits in the form of MWR recreation dollars, which can only be used in the Category C MWR Programs. These programs are Golf, Bowling, Lake Elmer Thomas (LETRA), the Outdoor Adventure Center and Patriots Club. Credits may not be used for alcohol purchases.


*Wednesday is our maintenance day and we cannot accept Unit drop off. 


Where are the bins?
The collection bins are located behind the fence at the Recycle Center on the west end of Naylor Road access from the water tower. The collection station bins are available 24/7, including holidays.

Does the Recycle Center accept glass? 

No. It is not cost effective to recycle glass in our geographic area. Broken glass is also very dangerous for both visitors and employees.

What does the Recycling Center accept? 

The Recycling Center accepts corrugated cardboard, plastic milk jugs, soda bottles and detergent bottles. The Center also accepts steel cans, aluminum cans, office waste paper, old newspapers, shredded paper and magazines.

Do I need to do anything special to my bottles or cans? 

All we ask is that you rinse them out and separate them by type.

What do I do with old appliances? 

Items that do not contain Freon, such as washers and dryers, must be taken directly to the landfill, either on Post or in Lawton. Do not leave them at the Recycle Center or in a dumpster. Items with Freon will have to have the Freon removed by an authorized person and then disposed of.

Why can’t I place wood, heavy metal or items such as furniture in the dumpsters? 

The refuse collection operator checks dumpsters prior to lifting and dumping the bins into his truck. If the bin is full of items like wood or heavy metal it could possibly damage his equipment. The operator will not pick up the dumpster and an employee must climb in the dumpster and remove the unauthorized refuse.

What do I do with used oil or transmission fluid? 

These items can be taken to Kwik Kar Complete Auto Care on 2444 Sheridan Road. 

I am moving; what do I do with old paint and cleaning solvents? 

These items can be taken to the Envionmental Center, located between the RecPlex and Sheridan Road on Ringold Road.

I am moving. Will it be possible to get some boxes? 

Of course. The employees in the plant try to save good packing boxes and packing paper just for that purpose. Check with the employees in Building 3334 during their hours of operation.

Why do you take the dumpsters in at night and on weekends? 

We started taking the dumpsters in a year ago. Many people started using them for items that should have been taken to the landfill. It made for an unsightly and dangerous situation.